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She is Awakening – PART 2

Myths and Mirrors is proud to present She is Awakening – PART 2, a 10 track collaborative album featuring compositions by Emilio Portal with contributions from 7 local artists, musicians, and poets.

She is Awakening is a community art and sound project by Myths and Mirrors and Coalition for a Livable Sudbury in Atikameksheng Anishnaabek territory. Using 60+ field recordings submitted by folks from all over, artist Emilio Portal created the almost 30 minute soundscape, She is Awakening; as well as the additional compositions Gatineau Owls, Vancouver Island Grouse, and Vancouver Island Grouse 2. She is Awakening – PART 2 is an extensive collaboration based on that work.


Emilio Portal makes intense, vulnerable, meditative and quirky interdisciplinary work that focuses our attention on the foundations of our accepted ways of living. His work focuses on ethics and the nature of reality itself: his conviction is that all entities – human, nonhuman, animate, inanimate – inherently and innately are valuable. His art reveres objects that are seen as trash (in all its various meanings); through craft, he honours tree’s flesh (wood) with a meticulous and ritual approach; in design, he seeks solutions to the built environment that plague the world with pollution and suffocating emissions; in music, he plays intuitively, allowing sound and rhythm to breathe. Growing up in northern Ontario, and experiencing the continuous and ongoing destruction of countless ecosystems, has impressed onto him a sobering and grievous tone. Emilio’s own complex mixed heritage seem to echo the current ecological epoch; this manifold reality has imbued him with a deep sense of awe, concern and responsibility, which is apparent in all his work.

KIYAN PEPPER (World Peace Jesus)
Kiyan Pepper is a Canadian World Peace promoter, performer, and a spiritual guide from Sudbury, Ontario. He frequently collaborates with local artists from Sudbury. He has given out 60 000 world peace cards and now has World Peace Hoodies and T-Shirts available as a reminder to breathe deeply and to be present. To be aware of the mind and not to take it personally. That the mind is just a tool and it no longer has power over your consciousness!

Darlene (aka darlenYa)’s musical influences reflect the 25years she traveled absorbing cultural influences. Founding member of the Road Dog Divas and Sweetwater Women, she has 6 solo albums (and 1 cassette). Her AIM is to offer thoughtful and uplifting earworms that are worth repeating.

Influenced by changing times, shifts in consciousness, and really good beats, Polly Kultur emerged in 2018 as a project sparked by Fionna Tough, formerly of Toronto-based bands Mango Angle and Beetzzwaxx. With soul, R&B, punk rock and indie rock driving & influencing musical creations, Polly Kultur is in the midst of recording a debut E.P., being warmly housed at Sudbury’s Deadpan Studios and is set to be released in 2020.

Emilie Carrey AKA Sparx is a beatboxer from Sudbury, Ontario who has made waves in the female hip-hop community worldwide, putting Canada on the map. Holding the title of the first Canadian female to compete in the Beatbox World Championship and placing 2nd in the world, Emilie is currently establishing a female base in a genre dominated by males. In 2015, she became the first and only female to have ever competed in the National Canadian Beatbox Competition and placed fourth. Aside from competition, she travels across Canada to empower youth and women through her work, teaching beatboxing as a form of mental stress expression with non-profit community organizations like Unity Charity. Emilie is an artist, beatboxer, creator and event host, having toured with artists such as Barenaked Ladies, Our Lady Peace, Kardinal Official and many more, she uses the power of her voice, mouth and contagious enthusiasm to captivate and excite every crowd.




Thanks to the following people who submitted sound and/or video recordings:
Bennett Malcomson, Naomi Grant, Polly Kultur, Jenny Martindale, Lola Thyme, Luciano Porto Goncalves, Dylan Shigwadja, Katie Fenerty, Dr. Jiselle Griffith, Melanie Hunt, Evelyn Eekels, Brenda Petays, Lilly Noble, Josee Joliat, Joycelyne Serrano, Derrick Pilon, Rebecca Coughlin, Alex Michelle Philip, Adam Knauff, Hugh Kruzel, Sharon Roy, Stephanie Fournier, Christine Charette, Mackenzie Parr, Taiaiake Alfred, Staci Duhaime, Katherine Blaire, Brydon King, Maude Bourassa, Patricia Delyea, and Tamara Gagnon.


The Circling Project is funded by the Catherine Donnelly Foundation.