Myths and Mirrors presents The Underground, an emerging, grassroots art collective for young artists. The Underground seeks to introduce young people to new ideas, techniques, and mediums that will broaden their skills and provide opportunities to share their art, perspectives, and collective experiences.

The Underground follows the DIY ethic and aims to demystify art for young people by offering accessible, low-barrier arts activities that encourage self-expression and reflect their identities as young artists with something important to say. Activities include: zine-making, silk screening and printmaking, stenciling, button-making, guerrilla art, etc.

Myths and Mirrors is pleased to offer a 2-hour Welcome to the Underground workshop for youth agencies, groups, and organizations working with vulnerable youth that would like to introduce art-making as a tool of self-expression and community-building. For more information, contact

Follow The Undergound on Instagram @theundergroundsudbury.