The Circling Project is Myths and Mirrors’ response to the times we live in. We are inviting Sudburians who want to do something about the state of our world but are feeling overwhelmed to circle with us: to share stories, fears, strategies, to make plans and to make art that bring us closer to the world we want.

Over the next year, we will be experimenting with different ways to bring people together to circle around issues, ideas, activities and projects. We think that the important thing is that we are coming together in creative ways around difficult issues in difficult times. We need each other now more than ever.

In February we launched the Circling Project with a storytelling session with Teddy Syrette, which was followed up with weekly linocut creation circles that continue into May (see photos from the linocut workshops here). We are planning a full Circling Day on June 15th , and we will continue to run smaller circles throughout the summer. Some circles will close after one session; others may spin off into other circles that take on different projects. We encourage people to suggest ideas for new circles and to join us in the Circling Project.

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The Circling Project is funded by the Catherine Donnelly Foundation.