Community Memorial Art Project

Myths and Mirrors has partnered with Réseau ACCESS Network to create a community memorial art project to honour those lost to the overdose crisis. Inspired by linocut prints created as part of The Circling Project, the group has decided to create individual memorial flags representing each person in Sudbury that has died due to overdose since 2016 – a number currently estimated to be around 130. To date, we’ve done workshops with folks personally impacted by the overdose crisis through SWANS (Sex Workers Advisory Network Sudbury) and SACY’s harm reduction program.

The project has been showcased at Five Cent City’s second annual community event and on Overdose Awareness Day at Réseau ACCESS Network. This project will continue into 2020 with more workshops planned with groups and organizations motivated to act in response to the overdose crisis due to a toxic drug supply.

YOUTH: Art, Music + Poetry

For their 2019 summer project, Myths and Mirrors’ summer staff lead a series of art and poetry circles for young artists in the community to share their work. To facilitate collaboration and exchange within the group, participants were encouraged to create new works inspired by the art, music, and poetry of their peers. These circles were well-attended with 12-20 people attending each session.

The project was showcased at our end-of-summer celebration at Memorial Park, featuring performances by our summer staff, acoustic alternative rock band Kick the Clouds, the cast of Sudbury Theatre Centre’s production A Family Story, and other young artists in the community. More than 50 people attended the event, including many community members from the downtown core. See CTV Northern Ontario’s coverage of the event here.

Big thanks to our 2019 summer staff and all who performed at our end-of-summer celebration – Blaine Thornton, Quinn Zwarich, Abbey Jackson, Madison Kotyluk, Kick the Clouds, Emily Maville, Conner Lafortune, and the cast of A Family Story.

The Underground: Young Persons Art Collective

An emerging, grassroots art collective for young artists (14+). The Underground seeks to introduce young people to new ideas, techniques, and mediums that will broaden their skills and create opportunities for sharing their art. Myths and Mirrors is pleased to offer a 2-hour Welcome to the Underground workshop for youth agencies, groups, and organizations working with vulnerable youth that would like to introduce art-making as a tool of self-expression and community-building.

The Underground follows the DIY ethic and aims to demystify art for young people by offering accessible, low-barrier arts activities that encourage self-expression and celebration of their identities, stories, and experiences. Activities include: zine-making, silk screening and printmaking, stenciling, button-making, guerrilla art, etc.

Sudbury Street Arts (Independent Initiative supported by Myths and Mirrors)

A free, weekly arts drop-in for homeless/street involved folks, downtown service-users, and those experiencing poverty to explore their creativity in a safe and welcoming space. We are harm-reduction informed, sex worker friendly, and anti-racist, so bring a friend and make art with us! Art-making materials and food provided. 

While Myths and Mirrors will continue to support folks experiencing poverty and homelessness in the downtown area through our outreach and programming, Sudbury Street Arts is no longer a Myths and Mirrors project, now operating as it’s own initiative delivering much needed supplies to unsheltered folks this winter. To learn more about Sudbury Street Arts and how you can help, contact Abbey via Instagram at @sudburystreetarts.

The Circling Project

The Circling Project launched in February 2019 with a circle facilitated by Indigenous 2-Spirit storyteller and advocate, Teddy Syrette. This circle was followed by a series of linocut workshops that have continued throughout the year and allowed us to connect with folks of all ages and backgrounds, including many that have never participated in Myths and Mirrors programming before.

Throughout 2019 we have experimented with different ways to bring people together to circle around issues, ideas, activities and projects. We believe it is important to come together in creative ways around difficult issues in difficult times – we need each other now more than ever!

The Circling Project is funded by the Catherine Donnelly Foundation.