CAiR Space
Myths and Mirrors continued the Community Artist in Residence program started in October 2014. Community Artist in Residence, Dani Taillefer, expanded her community arts facilitation skills through the development and delivery of drop-in community arts workshops at Myths and Mirrors’ community studio in Victory Park. Visit the CAiR Space blog here.

Artist: Dani Taillefer

Art In the Park
Operated out of Myths and Mirrors’ community studio in Victory Park, residents of the Donovan-Flour Mill neighbourhoods were invited to creatively engage in their community through free, multi-disciplinary arts programming offered in collaboration with Myths and Mirrors’ CAiR Space program and Kazzzam Performers.

Artists: Jeff Stewart, Pierre Harrison, Suza Harrison, Spider Alan

10516805_1068385299845226_6977827851033811537_nMarch Break Camp
Throughout a week-long arts camp, participants explored site-specific art-making, shadow puppetry, comic book-making, and the art of storytelling at Myths and Mirrors’ community studio in Victory Park. The week ended with a Water Story Circle to mark the Spring Equinox, International Story Telling Day, and World Water Day with stories, teachings, and songs with Elder Winnie Pitiwanakwat. See photos here.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Dani Taillefer, Selacia LaFleur, Justin Boivin, Jasmine Manning, Jo Duke

Stilt-Walking Training

In April, Myths and Mirrors’ Artistic Director, Sarah King Gold, facilitated a 2-day workshop on stilt-walking and spectacle arts with Sault Ste. Marie’s Thinking Rock Community Arts.

Artists: Sarah King Gold

Earth Day Celebration
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sudbury’s Earth Day Festival, Myths and Mirrors invited festival-goers to add memories and events to a three-dimensional timeline, while sharing their hopes and dreams for the next ten years.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Blaire Flynn

11351341_1114110401939382_2048256581726869554_nWater Project: Story Circles
A continuation of 2014’s project, The Water that Lies Beside the Hill, Myths and Mirrors hosted a series of bi-monthly gatherings to share stories, ask questions, and create artwork that explores our connections to water and each other.

In June, Myths and Mirrors hosted a Water Ceremony and celebration for travelers on Jumblie’s Train of Thought tour, a cross-country community arts journey exploring collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and communities. See photos here.

Artists: Jasmine Manning, Justin Boivin, Kayla Cornthwaite, Darlene Ya, Lanna Perrin, Sarah King Gold

Myths and Mirrors facilitated a series of multi-disciplinary arts activities for women with lived experience in sex work, creating a safe space through arts-based explorations of personal lives, sexuality, and work.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Sarah Gartshore, Cait Mitchell

2015_KZM_1Kazzzam Performers
In its third season, Kazzzam Performers provided Sudbury youth with stilt-walking and theatre training, developing unique artistic skills and increasing their arts-based employment opportunities. Kazzzam Performers seeks to infuse unexpected arts experiences in public spaces and events.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Kayle Cornthwaite, Denys Trembley, Freya Hughes, Thalia Hughes, Antoine Larouche, Selacia Lafleur, Tristan Brennan, Magelian, Jack Timblast, Kylie Beauchamp, Alexie LaPort

Louis Street Community Mural
As a follow-up to 2014’s arts programming in the Louis Street community, Myths and Mirrors collaborated with Louis Street residents to create a community mural.

Artists: Wallace Gillard

Dream Big
Myths and Mirrors’ Artistic Director, Sarah King Gold, was invited to speak on the Art of Engagement panel at Dream Big: Northern Conference for the Arts in North Bay (ON), May 27-30.

Artists: Sarah King Gold

Donovan Memories
Myths and Mirrors collaborated with Donovan Elm West community members to create a public art installation highlighting the stories of local residents to celebrate the living history of one of Sudbury’s oldest neighbourhoods.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Aédan Charest, Spider Alan, Dani Taillefer, Emma Johnston

12190792_1199556050061483_402124557761321432_nRealms of the Earth Mural
Myths and Mirrors joined local youth and community members to create a collaborative mural celebrating a new community garden in the Donovan neighbourhood. Mark Browning of Cosmic Dave’s Vinyl Emporium donated the wall and materials for the dynamic public art project. See photos here.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Aédan Charest, Spider Alan, Dani Taillefer, Ashlyne Botehlo, Emma Johnston, Alex Dean

Corner Clinic
Myths and Mirrors collaborated with clients of The Corner Clinic to create artwork to remember and honour community members who have passed away.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, William Morin

Solstice Sudbury Star image
Winter Solstice Celebration

Myths and Mirrors hosted an arts-based ceremony to celebrate community and the returning of the light at our community studio in Victory Park.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Spider Alan

Artistes Trans Artistry (ATA)
Myths and Mirrors partnered with TG Innerselves, northern Ontario’s transgender support service, to deliver free monthly arts workshops to TG Innerselves participants. Through art, participants explored their ideas and realities as members of the Transgender community, while working to reduce isolation and build public awareness in a safe, confidential, and inclusive space. This year, participants collaborated on an art installation to honour Trans Day of Remembrance.

Artists: Aédan Charest, Alex Dean


Northern Lights Festival Boréal: This was Myths and Mirrors’ third year organizing the NLFB Arts Village, which provides an opportunity for professional artists to sell their work and create interactive works of arts to engage festival-goers.

Artists: Jasmine Manning, Dan Secord, Dani Taillefer, Clayton Windatt, Blaire Flynn, Jules Koostachin, Katie Fenerty, Audrey Hutchinson

River and Sky: Myths and Mirrors invited festival-goers to create land art throughout the festival grounds that could enjoyed, built upon, and altered.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Clayton Windatt


Up Fest: In the festival’s first year, Myths and Mirrors provided a cardboard box castle-building station, costume parade, face-painting, and stilt-walking for UPFest’s Really Big Awesome Family Day.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Alex Dean, Aédan Charest, Katie Fenerty