We Are Here Mural
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In the summer of 2012 a group of dynamic and diverse community members came together to work on the mural entitled “WE ARE HERE.” The mural was instigated by community members wanting to address issues of graffiti and tagging and themes that arise from dialogue around these issues. Ideas of artistic permission, private and public space, places for youth to have a voice and be heard in the community… these were all a part of our dialogue and work during the process of the project.

Youth and adults ranging from 6-55 years of age worked on this vibrant downtown mural. The mural turned out to be a way for the community to come together to discuss and work together on these controversial issues while creating a beautiful landmark for the city.

The mural itself was tagged. Although the participants and community members who love this mural are upset about this tagging, we are seeing this as an opportunity to continue the conversation. During the summer of 2013 we plan to conduct a discussion circle around the matter in order to come up with creative plans to repair the mural and resolve the conflict.

7341948350_81d8bda13c_bRyan Heights Youth Centre Mural
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At the end of March we wrapped up our 2-and-a-half-month project with the youth of Ryan Heights. Over January, February and March of this year we engaged the youth in a mural which helped connect them personally and collectively to the new space offered to them by the City of Greater Sudbury. The city runs an after-school program for the youth and the desire for the mural was to help the youth and the workers make the space theirs while building their small community’s relationships. All of those who passed through the walls were invited to offer their silhouette to be traced on the wall. Then they were invited to paint their personal touch on their shape. The youth and workers of this place became part of the space and a special part of them was reflected through the images and words they chose to describe themselves.

Participants: Conner and Abbey Lindsey, Isaac and Ethan Boulard, Sidney Bruneau, Justin Foley, Joshua and Christopher Gormley, Hunter and Victoria Rickard, Keith Wahl, Daniel and Samantha Hackey, Nicola, Joel, Kaylee Rose and Michelle Richer, MacKenizie Lavoie, Brianna Good, Zoe Collins, Rose Therrien, Terrence Tavernor, Tracey Tang, Jesse Collin, Ada King Gold, Ryan Fisher, Matt, Natasha Wilson, Tessa Proulx
Lead Artists: Spider Alan Asher and Sarah King Gold

Mayworks’ Metal Works Project

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This community art project was contributed to by over 40 of Sudbury’s community members. Over the months of February, March and April we held several workshops to collect thoughts and feelings about work; what it means, what is given to and received from work, as well as what struggles and joys are encountered through work. Using experimental techniques of metal stamping by hammering found objects, tools and hardware into metal, the participants stamped drawings, designs, poetry and/or phrases which express their thoughts and feelings about their work.

We dedicate this work of art to all the unknown workers who have laboured to extract, process and ship the materials included in this project. And we pay our deepest respects to the Earth from whom all these materials come. May we work together toward a sustainable future for our Earth and our local and global community of workers.

Myths and Mirrors is grateful for the generous in-kind donations from: Demore Drywall, Richard Paquin, A & J Hardware, Skakoon’s Hardware, William Palmer.

Participants: Cait Mitchell, Nate Obonsawin, Lana Roberts, Russell Martin, David Case, Celine Loyer, Pina Dibenedetto, Mary Masson, Spider Alan Asher, Jim Cook, Terry Pretz, Kim Tomori, Cynthia S., Emmanuel Poitras, William Palmer, Trevor Mayer, James, Marquis, Simon, Tatianna Winn, Jordan Palmer, Moira, Blaire Flynn, David Dubois, Emily B, Denis, Carley Fitzpatrick, Kayla Fay, Honesty Nadon, Debbie Ouimette, Susan Cirelli, Eric Landry, Gillian Robinson, James Bolan, Morris Cloutier, Darcy Bowerman, Sheila Masson, Tanya Ball, Darcy Bowerman
Lead Artists: Sarah King Gold

Downtown Space Grand Opening and Celebration of Partnership with Village International

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On May 26th, 2012, Myths and Mirrors celebrated the partnership between M&M and VIS with the Grand Opening of our downtown space at 139 Durham Street. Part of the celebrations was a collaborative artwork to explore our new 3 year theme: The Art of Survival/The Survival of Art.

The community was invited to contribute to this artwork by choosing an organism to cut out and add to with images, colour, poetry, words, ideas for projects etc. which are inspired by our new theme. We invite people to come to continue the development of this collaborative piece. Drop by or call Sarah King Gold @ 705-507-2340, to check out “your” new space and see what’s happening and how you can get involved and add to the artwork. Another part of the celebration was the public unveiling of our Maywork’s Metal Works Project.

Again we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Claire Lucie Brunet and Pauline Loyer of Village International for this great partnership opportunity!

Habitable Planet: Earthly Matters Project

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The ‘habitable planet’ community earthly matters artistic collaborations are dedicated to all those who participate in ecologically sound, responsibly clean and safe low-impact living practices throughout our everyday lives.

Thank you participants in keeping all of our environments clean, communities brilliantly vibrant, full of care, bright spirit and holistic love for the health and well-being of our communities: Naomi Grant, Gustavo Arteca, Damian and Ellen Arteca, Samuel tremblay beaulieu Ball, Cait Mitchell, Jenny Martindale, Finley and Riley Little, Nathan O’bonsawin, Lee anne Wotton (Gladu), Frances and Jonothan Martin, Shirley milks, Brittany and Taylor Thain, Katie anne McLean, Marquis Wilkin, Olivia Atawish Wilkin, Serena Cayer, Karly Anne Fitzpatrick, Palton bob Tremblay, Billy Lapierre, Dallas Scott, Ryan Dougherty, Leaonard Belanger, Andrew Carr, Neil Carr, Jasmine Rousseau, Zoe Manitowabi, Cody Osawamick, Tatianna Ileen Winn, Layla Cayer

Previous contributing participants whose ‘Earthly Matters’ artworks we were able to salvage, contributing towards this project, from weather worn climates: Gino and Dante Cacciotti, Deanna (m.nebula) Nebenionquit, Joshuah Herd, Max Merrifield, Billy Bruhmuller, Jo and Kate Duke, Allison Reed, Rebeccah and Madisson Reimer

Merci pour ta générosité et support (supporting groups, agencies, institutions, and organizations): Junction Creek Stewardship Committee, The Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury, Le Centre de Santé Communautaire, The D.E.W.C.A.N, ReThink Green, Better Beginnings Better Futures Association and, N.O.A.H. New Opportunities and Hope, A.R.C. Neighbourhood Resource Center, The City of Greater Sudbury and Ward 4 Councilor Evelyn Dutrisac, Ontario Arts Council, River and Sky Arts in the Woods, Friends of the Roxborough Greenbelt, The Natural Building Institute of Ontario, Sweet Nothings, Cosmic Daves’ Vinyl, The Community Committee on Human Health and the Environment, Northwatch, MiningwatchCanada, Minemill local 598, Nu-Look Paints and Wallpapers, Evans Home Building Center, Skakoons and A and J Home Hardware.

This project was designed and coordinated by Tannah Anne Ball with Artistic Director Sarah King Gold.

This mural proudly honours Joan Newman Kuyek for her many strong and devoted years of work in aiding to change public policy and mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems in Canada and around the world.

For all of these projects we are deeply grateful for the continued support of: Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, The City of Greater Sudbury and Village International. Without your support these projects would not be possible.