Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all regular programming is cancelled indefinitely,or until further notice.

Myths and Mirrors has partnered with Réseau ACCESS Network to create a community memorial art project to honour those lost to the overdose crisis. Inspired by linocut prints created as part of The Circling Project, the group has decided to create individual memorial flags representing each person in Sudbury that has died due to overdose since 2016 – a number currently estimated to be around 130. To date, we’ve done workshops with folks personally impacted by the overdose crisis through SWANS (Sex Workers Advisory Network Sudbury) and SACY’s harm reduction program.

The project has been showcased at Five Cent City’s second annual community event and on Overdose Awareness Day at Réseau ACCESS Network. This project will continue into 2020 with more workshops planned with groups and organizations motivated to act in response to the overdose crisis due to a toxic drug supply.

For more information on this project or to take part in an upcoming workshop, contact mythsandmirrors@gmail.com.