Artistes Trans Artistry (ATA) is a collaborative project between Myths and Mirrors, Centre de santé communautaire du Grand Sudbury, and TG Innerselves, Northern Ontario’s transgender support services.

ATA formed in 2015 in response to a growing demand for art-making activities from TG Innerselves participants. The program provides transgender people (including those questioning their gender identity) a safe, confidential, and inclusive space to explore and create.

ATA has exhibited their work at Sudbury Theatre Centre as part of Fierté Sudbury Pride, in The Masks We Wear at Open Studio in November 2017, and in Queer Art-Making in a Mining Town at Open Studio in collaboration with the Rainbow Health Ontario Conference in March 2018.

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A Note About the Term ‘Transgender’
Myths and Mirrors recognizes that ‘transgender’ is an umbrella term for all gender identities that are not cisgender (someone who exclusively identifies with the gender assigned at birth). Artistes Trans Artistry is for anyone who does not identify as cisgender. From transmen and transwomen, to genderfluid, genderneutral, androgynous, two-spirit, genderqueer, and so on – we believe you are a valid member of the transgender community.

Transgender: Term used to describe someone whose gender identity and expression does not match their assigned gender at birth. Transgender identities can be both binary and non-binary.

Binary trans people: Transgender people who identify with one of the two binary genders (male or female). For example, someone who was assigned male at birth but identifies, lives, and presents themself as a woman.

Some terms you may hear binary trans people use to describe themselves are FtM (female to male) or transman, or MtF (male to female) or transwoman.

Non-binary trans people: Transgender people who do not strictly identify as either male or female. They may identify as both, none, or somewhere in between. For example, someone who is assigned female at birth but does not strictly identify, live, or present themself as either male or female.

Some terms you may hear non-binary trans people use to describe themselves are: androgynous, non-binary, transmasculine, transfeminine, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, genderneutral, genderfluid, demi-boy, or demi-girl.

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