Art in the Park
Art in the Park

Artistic Goals: To develop a safe creative space for neighborhood youth, adults and elders to be creative together; where the inside and the outside are creatively used by all; where the surrounding residents are invited to be creatively active in their community; a place where artists’ creativity and community engagement is nurtured.

In response to the needs of the surrounding community, we have increased our programming at Victory Park. Watch for upcoming events, workshops and drop in studio times.

During our March Break drop-in workshops participants created a miniature model of Victory Park, with re-creations of existing structures and dreams of new structures. Each participant created a miniature model of themselves to place and interact with the park. Another creative that was explored during this week was the creation of and interaction with Story Dice.

Click here to see images of our Park Art! And here to listen to the first story of our Story Dice series.

CAiR Space
CAiR Space
This past season was the development phase for M&M’s new Artist in Residence program. With the assistance of a Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation grant, we hired an intern to research and implement our first Artist in Residence program at Victory Park. The park studio is now open to the public 1-2 days each week for drop-in workshops with Dani Taillefer as she develops her own work and projects for community engagement. As part of her internship she is expanding her community arts facilitation skills, helping to lay the foundation and infrastructure for future AIR positions and improve M&M’s online presence.

The CAiR Space blog can be found here!

The Water that Lies Beside the Hill
The Water that Lies Beside the Hill
Artistic Goals:
To explore human connection to and relationship with place, water and each other as people from many different origins and stories; present artwork throughout the City of Greater Sudbury using interventionist methods.

From 2013 drop-in sessions at Bell Park exploring our human relationships to water, place, and each other, a core group developed in 2014 and engaged in cross-cultural collaboration workshops to deepen our understanding of our different histories, connections and relationships to water and to each other. A rich body of work has been exhibited and continues to build. Upcoming goals include:

1. Collection of water stories from youth and elders
2. Site specific art making techniques inspired by these stories
3. Workshops that invite the broader community to engage with and contribute to the art making

For more photos of this amazing project click here.
Click here for 2015 Water Project images.

The Waiting Room Workshops
The Waiting Room Workshops
Artistic Goals: Engage marginalized citizens in art workshops and offer them opportunities to communicate to the broader community; facilitate positive social engagement.

This partnership grew from the DEW Mural story gathering of 2013. We began by offering workshops in the waiting room of the clinic to gather stories of place and play from the clients of the clinic. The workshops were so well received we were asked to continue. At the same time we had been invited by GNO to participate in this year’s Foire d’art alternatif de Sudbury (FAAS). We decided to explore the 2014 FAAS theme “Not for Sale” and the alternative art space, shopping carts, with the clients of the clinic. With the participants of the clinic we explored dreams, whether waking or asleep. Participants were invited, through arts-based processes, to share a dream and then borrow another dream to interpret and “materialize” through the creation of miniature sculptures in miniature shopping baskets. The artwork generated from these workshops were installed at the Rainbow Centre and throughout the downtown during FAAS and expanded on by the festival’s audience.

For more photos of this dynamic project click here.

KAZZZAM Performers
KAZZZAM Performers 2014!
Artistic Goals: To provide Sudbury youth with unique artistic skills, increasing their arts-based employment opportunities while generating earned revenue for Myths and Mirrors. To infuse unexpected arts experiences in public spaces and events.

The summer of 2014 was the Kazzzam Performers’ second season after a very successful first season. For the past two years we have partnered with YMCA Sudbury to train a total of 12 youth in stilt walking, dramatic performance and costume design and construction. This year the youth from last year’s troupe took on leadership roles by training the new recruits in stilt walking. Multiple dramatic themes were developed for the troupe with accompanying costumes. The troupe performed at paid events and festivals throughout the year with the concentration in the summer.

We are now taking new registrations for this year’s workshops. Join our troupe! Learn to walk and perform on stilts, create dramatic characters and costumes and have a wonderful summer of festival performing! Workshops to be help Sundays from April 13th to June 29th. Contact us at or at 705-507-2340 for more information!

Hire our troupe! Make your special event spectacular! The Kazzzam Performers are available for private and public events, indoor or outdoor. Contact us to book the troupe or for more information.

For images from last year’s season click here.

SWANS Story Boxes
SWANS Story Boxes

Artistic Goals: To use art as a dialogue towards understanding and action.
This project’s participants are the Sex Worker Peer Group, which is comprised of women with lived experience in sex work. In 2014, the Story Box project was created to develop group relationships, explore methods of collaborative art making, and to offer opportunities to the women to communicate who they are to the broader Sudbury community. We presented the Story Box project and led a group body-mapping workshop at SWANS’ Building Inclusive Communities Conference in June. We have begun to develop a second project based on the participants’ needs and desires.

More information about SWANS, go to
For images of this project click here.

Louis Street Community
Louis Street Community
Artistic Goals: To provide quality art programming for the residents of Louis Street Community.

In partnership with Louis Street Community Association and Ward 12 Councilor Joscelyne Landry-Altmann, we led a summer art program for the residents of the Louis Street Community. Myths and Mirrors facilitated the collaborative creation of three stunning pieces of public art which publicly present this dynamic community to the broader Sudbury community. We are working with the residents of Louis Street to plan another public art installation for the summer of 2015.

Click here for more images from Louis Street Community!

YMCA Daycamp
This is the second year M&M partnered with the YMCA to deliver a two week summer camp for youth between the ages of 8 -12. The campers used visual art, writing and drama to create and perform their play and parade to all the day camps at the end of the two weeks.

Culture Days
To celebrate our collective culture we invited people to chalk it up on a downtown street and complete the phrase: “Culture is…” The outcome… “culture definitely is.”

Chez Nous on the Rocks
Chez Nous on the Rocks
In partnership with Coalition for a Livable Sudbury and Cambrian College’s Open Studio, Myths and Mirrors facilitated a two-day art, oral history and art making intensive with twenty-one local artists at the Open Studio. The artwork made was inspired by local voices collected during the Coalition for a Livable Sudbury’s Chez Nous on the Rocks project.

Participating artists are Spider Allen, Damián Arteca, Leesa Bringas, Carl Bruce, Jake Chakasim, James Cook, Corrie-Jo Delwo, Sarah Dempsey, Sarah King Gold, Tamara Gagnon, Naomi Grant, Asivak Koostachin, Jules Koostachin, Pawaken Koostachin-Chakasim, Tapwewin Koostachin-Chakasim, Sophie LeBlanc, Cait Mitchell, M’Komii-noodin Morin, Wii’um Morin, Will Morin, and Dani Taillefer.

For more images from this collaborative art exhibit click here.

Feast to Remember
Feast to Remember

Following our November 1st AGM gathering we held an art-making session, potluck and ceremony to remember our loved ones who have passed on. It was a small but special ceremony with a smudge, story sharing and candle lighting. We plan to continue this tradition.

Find photos of this special day here.

A Feast to Remember
Canada World Youth Workshop

In November 2014, a day of community arts exploration was held for the Canada World Youth group comprised of 18 young women from across Tanzania and Canada. Together we explored collaborative art-making as a way to share personal and cultural stories and site specific publicly engaged art-making practices. At the end of the day we invited the public to participate in projects developed by the group. A global village, a gratitude tree, a motivation wall and an inclusive play structure were developed by the group and participants.

Miniature Art Exchange
Miniature Art Exchange
Launched at the Downtown Sudbury Art Crawl, our latest on-going community-engaged project invites the public to make miniature artwork to place in the mini art gallery and exchange with other mini pieces. The gallery is documented daily and shared online. We plan seasonal alterations to our mini gallery space as well as special events such as featuring local artists.

Come make and take some beautiful little creations!
Click here to view our evolving album of miniature art.

Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
December 18th 2014 we held our first Winter Solstice celebration in partnership with BBBF and The SPOT, which featured lanterns made by our outreach programs (NISA, Corner Clinic and SWANS), drop-in workshop participants and The SPOT youth. We had lantern and blessing card making available at the pre-ceremony gathering, then held our ceremony around a fire tended by Jim Eshkawkogan and a wonderful volunteer. The ceremony included drummers from the Community Drum Circle, Elder teachings about solstice traditions and a ritual to release that which no longer serves our lives to make way for bright blessing. We closed the event with a dessert potluck social. About 40 people participated in the lantern workshops and about the same amount of people attended the celebration. We are making plans for next year’s celebration to include a full day lantern making and visioning session for the community to shape the event.


NLFB Arts Village
NLFB Arts Village:
In our second year organizing this event we created a forum for professional artists to collaborate and create unique artistic experiences for festival goers. The artists designed and built installations, artwork and opportunities for public engagement during the 2014 NLFB festival. Click here to see this amazing artistic event!

River and Sky
River and Sky:
This year our community artists created land art exploring labyrinths creating artistic happenings across the festival grounds which River and Sky festival goers could enjoy, build upon or alter. Click here for images of the land art.