The Water that Lies Beside the Lake
The Water that Lies Beside the Hill: Revoicing/Reclaiming Our Relationship to Place
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This project is an Indigenous/Non Indigenous cross-cultural collaboration exploring our complex relationships to place and to each other. It is a project that explores the complex role of place naming and renaming in determining relationships to place that involves connectivities, dislocations, and erasures of territory-specific stories rooted to place.

Since June 2013, approximately 60+ participants have contributed to the development of a project born from members of the Indigenous community’s desire to re-voice and reclaim the name(s) of Ramsey Lake. During Bell Park community gatherings/workshops we explored our connections to the land and water through sound, music, movement, creative writing and visual art. From this collective work emerged a mythological Water (Frozen) Being, through whom we explore issues of sovereignty, environmental degradation and stewardship.

Artists: Karyn Recollet and Sarah King Gold
Participants: Linda Archibald, Damien Arteca, Monique Beaudoin, Chrissy Bigras, Jessica Blaauw, Madison Bouthillier, Jon Cada, Liannissa Corbiere, Kayla Cornthwaite, Celeste Cielle Desa Devost, Staci Duhaime, Blaire Flynn, Faith Anne Fraser, Paulette Gagnon, Tamara Gagnon, Jade Gervais, Sahar Golshan, Naomi Grant, Andrea Gustafson, Ashley Hanson, Jennifer Herd, Ruth Howard, Mariana Lafrance, Kristen Lavallee, Tyger Louis, Val MacMenemey, Lisa Mae, Jasmine Manning, Adrienne Marcus Raja, Bruce McComber, Ashley Marion, Brooke Mccall, Cait Mitchell, Scott Neigh, Dixie Permezel, Diane Poulin, Deb Reynolds, Gillian Robinson, Allyson Schmidt, David Silvester, Barbara Smatlanek, Brian St. Louis, Roxanne Taillefer and many children who contributed beautiful water paintings at festivals throughout the summer.

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KAZZZAM Performers
KAZZZAM Performers
Eight Sudbury youth trained with Myths and Mirrors in the arts of stilt-walking, clowning and costume design. Throughout the summer of 2013 these youth presented their performances at various local festivals and events. In its first year this program has had many successes and a few meaningful challenges which are rich with guidance for future years of Kazzzam performers.

Artists: Spider Alan Asher, Blaire Flynn and Melissa Rockburn
Participants: Georgia Bouthillier, Ashlyne Botelho, Tristan, Amanda and Johanne Brennan, Rhys Elgee, Freya, Finnegan, Thalia and Charmaine Hughes, Daniel and Candace Langois and Roxanne Oake

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Donovan Stories
Donovan Stories: Donovan Elm West Neighbourhood Stories (Work in Progress)
Through consultations with the Donovan Elm West Community Action Network the theme and approach for this community mural were developed. Through a process of oral history gathering the youth of the Donovan-Elm West communities are being invited to explore the living history of their neighborhoods by interviewing their elders. The stories will be visually interpreted by the youth into a mural. This work is currently in progress. We welcome new volunteers and participants who are interested in sharing, collecting and painting stories of these historically and culturally rich neighbourhoods. Our hope for the mural is to be a welcome to the neighbourhood, a way to tell the experiential stories of the neighbourhood and a way for young and old from all the diverse cultures of the neighbourhood to make meaningful connections.

Artists: Blaire Flynn, Ellie LaGrandeur and Sarah King Gold
Participants: Ken Birtch, Jessica Blaauw, Mark Browning, David Cook, Jim Cook, Monique Fournier-Mercier, Glen Gaffney, Gabrielle MacFarlene, Diana Mulcahey, Mark Rastin and Lori Wall.

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Earth Weavers
Earth Weavers
All participants of this year’s Earth Day Festival were invited by Community Artist Blaire Flynn to take part in a collaborative weaving project that explored our reliance on the earth’s resources, our roles as stewards of the land and our interconnection with nature and community.

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Giving Voice to the Creek
Giving Voice to the Creek

The participants of this clean-up were invited to listen to, imagine and animate the voices of the creek. Together we infused art-making into our day of reclaiming the creek from the assaults of our commercial and consumer practices. Through a series of short games we created spontaneous theatre for, and in the presence of, Junction Creek.

Artist: Sarah King Gold
Participants: Rose Carpino, Kayla Cornthwaite, Peter Seto, Brittney Desmarais,Ersin A., Brigitte Angster-Beckett, Mark Frayne, Ethan Frayne, Connor Frayne, Carrie Regenstreif, Ada King Gold, Camila Volcaisel, Stuart Roteso, Alison Laviolette, Justin McInall, Micheal Silzer, Josiah Guillen, Cate Burgus, Jason Gaudet, Andrea Anderson, Sarah Woods, Shannon Dennie.

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Fromagerie Elgin’s floor was shaking till 8 am Sunday morning, making Myths & Mirrors’ first Dance-A-Thon a huge success! Not only was the fundraising goal of $5,000 reached and surpassed, the event, which opened at 8 pm Saturday night, was a full house with enthusiastic dancers long into the night, many in great costumes, each sponsored by friends and colleagues. DJ Christian Pelletier and his colleagues, Paul Loewenberg, Jeff (Yerf) Houle and Max Merrifield, kept them going strong as the 12-hour feat unfolded.

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The Art of Community
The Art of Community: Professional Development

Responding to a consultation with local artists who identified a need to build their capacity in community arts, 2013 was the beginning of a three-year partnership to provide a series of nationally-recognized Jumblies workshops in Sudbury.

A three-day introduction to Community Arts entitled Art of Community took place in August followed by a 4-day advanced workshop, Oral History and Art-Making. The focus of this second workshop was chosen to follow Myths and Mirrors’ renewed vision which emphasizes story sharing as a means for social transformation.

Artists: Ruth Howard, Ange Loft, Sasha Tate-Howarth, Penny Couchie, Sid Bobb, Sarah Miller, Beth Helmers, Karyn Recollet and Sarah King Gold
Participants: Linda Archibald, Gwen Bartleman, Monique Beaudoin, Jon Cada, Katie Fenerty, Blaire Flynn, Tamara Gagnon, Naomi Grant, Stella Kalaboukas, Mariana Lafrance, Val MacMenemey, Adrienne Marcus Raja, Ashley Marion, Cait Mitchell, Allison Reed, Deb Reynolds, Allyson Schmidt, Barbara Smatlanek and Emily Trottier

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YMCA Community Arts Camp
YMCA Community Arts Camp

Twelve youth (ages 5-12) were invited into the process of community arts with this summer camp created in partnership with YMCA Sudbury. Participants were encouraged to contribute their ideas and desires for the project at each stage of creation. The two-week collaborative adventure began with exploring methods of collaborative drama, writing and visual art. At the end of the two weeks the participants presented their performance to their family, friends and fellow campers of the YMCA.

Artists: Sarah King Gold, Tyger Louis, Chrissy Bigras, Skylar Slywchuck and Danika Belanger
Participants: Lauren & Madelyn Petherick, Zoe Anderson, Blaze Cucksey, Abigail Frappier, Justuss Gibbard, Biranne & Janelle Lalande, Lyrica Layland, Ada King Gold.

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Myths and Mirrors participated and played an organizing role in the following festivals:

National Aboriginal Day, Bell Park and O’Connor Park
Coordination of the Northern Lights Festival Boreal’s Arts Village
River and Sky
Labour Day Family Fun Fest
Culture Days

Artists: Spider Alan Asher, Gwen Bartleman, Christine Bigras, Madison Bouthillier, Georgia Bouthillier, Tristan, Amanda and Johanne Brennan, Christine Charette, Holly Cook, James Cook, Jorge Cueto, Mercedes Cueto, Helen Dudynsky, Rhys Elgee, Blaire Flynn, Nico Glaude, Zhara Golafshani, Ashley Hanson, Freya, Finnegan, Thalia and Charmaine Hughes, Andrew Kenny, Marianna LaFrance, Daniel and Candace Langois, Sharon Preen, Karyn Recollet, Melissa Rockburn, Brian Waboose, Paula Walsh.