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Artistic Director | Jesse Brady
Jesse is a writer who has been active in Myths and Mirrors since its inception. A former journalist and activist, he has been very active in community engagement and participation. He is very interested in exploring local stories that connect our various communities together.

Administrative Coordinator | Alexandra Dean
Alex has worked in the Violence Against Women sector for the past 20 years as a direct service provider and manager. She has provided training to both local and provincial service providers on issues of violence against women in client-centered services, anti-racism, anti-oppression, and gender issues. Alex is also a mixed media artist who has shown her work in Ontario and Quebec.

Project and Volunteer Manager | Aédan Charest
Aédan is an emerging artist and activist focusing on LGBTQ2 issues, mental health and wellness, and body positivity. Aédan is passionate about building community and forming partnerships to make our world a safer, more inclusive place. One partnership he highly cherishes is his personal one with coffee.

Communications and Marketing Manager | Cora-Rae Silk
Cora has been working in the community arts sector for more than five years and has a background in graphic design and online marketing. Her interests include collaboration, creative problem solving, murder mysteries, and ’90s pop culture.